The Truth About Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing is Fire-safe, UV, and Hail Resistant.

High-quality metal roofing products are coated with high-performance Kynar 500 or Hylar5000 baked enamel finishes. These finishes offer outstanding rustproofing and a warrant against fading for 20 years.  Metal products are fire-safe, and insurance companies may offer discounts on premiums for a metal roof installation. If you live in a hail prone area like Texas, you will appreciate the hail resistant metal roof. Individual styles and finishes can even minimize the cosmetic imperfections introduced by heavy hailstorms.

Metal Roofing

Energy Conscious Roofing Products

As any Houston metal roofing contractor will tell you, metal roofing reflects up to 70% of the sun’s energy and may experience 34% less heat gain than composite shingle roofs.  The metal may offer insulation-like effects, similar to R-11 insulation on top of the roof during sunny periods according to research by Florida Solar Energy Center. Some metal roofing systems incorporate “Ultra-Cool Metal Coating” or similar competing products that further enhance the energy efficiency of the roofing system, saving the homeowner even more money with lower energy costs.

Light Weight

Unlike tile roofing, metal roofing materials can typically replace a traditional shingle roof with no additional engineering and structural enhancements required When upgrading your wood shake or asphalt shingle roof to a low-maintenance lifetime material, metal is a singular value.  The roof does not need upgrades to support the significant extra weight of tile.  Many people believe that a metal roof might be noisy, but this is merely not the case.  Research shows that metal roofing is not any louder than traditional roofing products when correctly installed.

Lifetime Cost

When shopping for roofing, the upfront cost of metal roofing appears on the higher end of the scale when compared with traditional commercial roofing materials. However, what many business and homeowners fail to look at is the lifetime cost of ownership. If you’re tired of extensive roof repairs and frequent roof replacements, you’ll love the durability and extended life spans of metal roofing!