Storm Damage Restoration Contractor

Hail Damage Repair Services

Having a number storms coming through your neighborhood may have you worrying your roof may be affected by these storms. It’s good idea to contact your local residential or commercial roofing contractor Houston and have you roof inspected. Most roofing contractors will not charge for the inspection.

Texas Has  History

Large hailstones can cause both serious bodily injury and immense economic losses. The Mayfest hail storm exemplified this in 1995, the most expensive thunderstorm event in U.S. history (according to NOAA), where hailstones up to 4 inches in diameter contributed to over $2 billion in damage in Fort Worth, Texas, along with 109 hail stone related injuries


Don’t Take Chances With Roofing Contractors

For most people, their home is one of their largest investments. That is why when choosing a roofing contractor in Houston, you want someone you can trust. Remember, after a big storm, the area will be flooded with out of town roofers looking to make a fast buck.

Houstons Hail Damage Repair Experts

With Texas Metal Roofing Contractors you know you are getting the best of the best. We have over 30 years of roofing experience, and we are one of the most trusted
metal roofing contractors in the Houston area. We are bonded, insured and have 100’s of references available upon request. So don’t take need chances with a roofing contractor. Best of all, we are a Hail and Storm Damage Claims Specialist. We work with all major Insurance Companies.

Hurricanes Preparation

If you live in hurricane territory you probably already know how to keep your property as safe as possible during a hurricane. You also probably know how to prepare for a hurricane such as storm-proofing your home and your garage or wherever you park your vehicles.You should know to keep your vehicle operational in the event you need to evacuate. You know about maintaining emergency kits in your home and car, along with enough food, water, and especially necessary medicines for a week in event you become stranded in your home.

Storm Damage Repair

If the roof of home or property has damage caused by a hurricane you should call your local roofing contractor as soon as possible and start the process of repair. It’s important to put together an itemized list of what was in your home. It is a good idea to take pictures of any expensive or antique pieces of furniture for replacement purposes. As with your car, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to estimate the damage so that repairs can get started as soon as possible. Hopefully, living in hurricane territory has made you someone that thinks ahead and takes every consideration when preparing for any disaster that may come your way. It is always better to be over-prepared than not having anything ready when a storm hits.